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Crime Scene Processing


What is it?

Crime Scene Processing deals with a crime scene that may contain physical evidence that is pertinent to a criminal investigation.  It is important to take measures to maintain the integrity of the crime scene to secure and protect evidence from the possibility of contamination.  Law enforcement or the crime lab may take action to set up a blockade surrounding the area of the crime scene to control movement in and out of the scene, as well as keep track of authorized personnel present.  This will ensure that evidence can be collected by crime scene technicians according to the proper rules of evidence collection, packaging, and storage.  It is essential that every aspect of a crime scene be documented, photographed or sketched before evidence is touched, moved, or further investigated in an attempt to reconstruct a crime.  Upon collection of evidence, it should be immediately taken to the laboratory for complete packaging and itemization to ultimately be subjected to forensic serology and forensic DNA analysis and used in a court of law. 

How to request Assistance

Assistance with evidence collection from a crime scene must come in the form of a request from law enforcement agencies.  Due to the nature of a crime scene investigation, the laboratory is typically contacted via telephone for assistance.  Upon arrival at a crime scene, a Forensic Case Submission form must be filled out and signed by the requesting agency.  LSD&FC will request information regarding the individual to receive the forensic report and responsible for payment for the services.

Lagos State DNA & Forensic Center (LSD&FC) is a not-for-profit Crime Laboratory established in 2017 by the Lagos State Government to enhance public safety and assist with criminal and civil investigations. LSD&FC is organized under the Lagos State Ministry of Justice as a public-private partnership. It is a dedicated crime laboratory specifically established to help fight crime and make Lagos a safe place to live, work, visit and play.

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