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Scope of Accreditation

Scope of Accreditation

ISO Accreditation

LSD&FC is the only ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory in Nigeria.

To be “accredited” means that LSD&FC has been recognized as an agency that conforms to a body of standards related to forensic science. This means that LSD&FC has objectively demonstrated, after on-site evaluation by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), an external accrediting body, that it meets (or exceeds) the specific standards required for forensic laboratories. LSD&FC’s current scope of accreditation is shown below:


Test Method(s):



Blood Screening

LSDFC – Serology – Reduced Phenolphthalein for the presence of Hemoglobin

Human Blood Identification


LSDFC – Serology – ABAcard® Hematrace for the Presence of Human Blood

Seminal Fluid Screening

LSDFC – Serology – Acid Phosphatase Test

Seminal Fluid Identification


LSDFC – Serology – ABAcard® p30 for the Presence of Semen

Spermatozoa Identification

LSDFC – Serology – Microscopic Examination of Seminal Fluid Stains with Christmas Tree Stain

LSDFC – DNA – Extraction – Chelex-100 Extraction Manual

DNA Casework Analyses – Nuclear STR

LSDFC – DNA – Extraction – Organic Extraction Manual

LSDFC – DNA – Extraction – Preparation of Buccal swabs with SwabSolution

LSDFC – DNA – Extraction – Preparation of NonFTA punches with PunchSolution

LSDFC – DNA – Extraction – Purification and Concentration of DNA Extracts.

LSDFC – DNA – Extraction – Normalization of DNA Extracts.

LSDFC – DNA- Quantitation- Quantitation of Human and Male DNA

with the Investigator® Quantiplex PRO Kit on the RotorGene Q.

LSDFC – DNA – Amplification – Amplification with PowerPlex® Fusion 6C.

LSDFC – DNA – CE of PowerPlex® Fusion 6C Product on the 3500.

LSDFC – DNA – GeneMapper® ID-X Analysis of STR Data.

DNA Relationship Analyses – Nuclear STR    

LSDFC – DNA – GeneMarker® – HID

Statistical Analysis of STR Data

DNA Database Analyses – Nuclear STR

LSDFC – DNA – Extraction – Organic Extraction Manual.

SmallPond Database DNA Profiling Matching System.

Lagos State DNA & Forensic Center (LSD&FC) is a not-for-profit Crime Laboratory established in 2017 by the Lagos State Government to enhance public safety and assist with criminal and civil investigations. LSD&FC is organized under the Lagos State Ministry of Justice as a public-private partnership. It is a dedicated crime laboratory specifically established to help fight crime and make Lagos a safe place to live, work, visit and play.

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