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DNA Test Before Will Part 3

Mary is so upset with the result and she insists that there must have been a mistake somewhere.

Wondering who Mary is click here and then here . Now back to our story …..

Thankfully the Lagos State DNA & Forensic Center is known for their accuracy and credibility so there could not have been a mistake or tampering.

The silence in the room was such that if a needle dropped, one would hear the sound. Obviously, the atmosphere was tense.

Nadia, Late John’s wife claps her hands the way a typical Nigerian mum would, laughs in a sarcastic way, her teeth barely showing and says “Wonders shall never end”. She looks at Mary in a condescending manner and says “Mary, now that the DNA report says my late husband is not the father of your child, can you leave me and my family”?

The expression on Mary’s face showed rage and pain at the same time as she looks at Nadia . She tries to mumble some words but she couldn’t muster the strength to, as tears rolled down her eyes uncontrollably. 5 seconds later, she pulls herself together and says to Nadia “I might have slept with a married man, but what I would not do, is point to the wrong man as my son’s father . John is my child’s father and I will fight this to the end”.

She looks away from Nadia and faces the lawyer, and says sternly , “Lawyer, I want John’s DNA tested, and not whatever DNA was used.

The Lawyer answered her and said, madam, this is a longer and a more expensive method, are you sure you want to go ahead with this ? She reiterated “ I have never been more sure of anything else, I want John’s DNA used, yes it is more expensive and takes longer but it is important that I get a closure”.

In that case we have to get an exhumation order from a court, says the lawyer.

An exhumation order is a legal instruction to exhume a body. This means John’s body would have to be dug out.

The moment Nadia hears this she screams “You will do NO such thing, my husband should be allowed to Rest In Peace . What kind of rubbish is this”? The lawyer cuts in immediately and tells her to calm her nerves and that everything will be done within legal boundaries.

The lawyer informed everyone that he will apply to a court for permission to exhume.

Dear reader, are you also wondering why Mary is so sure that John is her son’s father? For someone who wasn’t legally married to John, she seems so confident. Why does she want to go through this seemingly time consuming and expensive route? What will come out of it?

I can’t wait to find out and I’m sure you can’t too.

Till you get another letter dear, stay energized.

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