DNA Test Before Will Part 2

From our last DNAnews, we know that this week we expect a DNA result, right? If you didn’t read the last DNAnews, click here, it’s a lovely read.

Now let’s continue ……

So, in John’s will, he requested for a DNA test for all his children. Thus, Mary’s son will have to be tested to prove that John was the biological father. John also stated in his will that he wanted the DNA test to be carried out at the Lagos DNA & Forensic Center (LSD&FC; www.lsdfc.org), a center accredited under ISO 17025 standards and well known for impartiality and outstanding credibility.

The lawyer puts a call through to the center and a sample collection date is fixed. Since John’s father is standing in, considering that he will be the alleged paternal grandfather of all of John’s children, a grand parentage test was going to be carried out to establish if John’s father is the biological Grandfather of Mary’s son.

At about 8am on a Monday morning they were on their way to LSD&FC. By “they” I mean, the alleged grandfather, the lawyer, Mary and her 3-year-old son. They defied all odds including the popular Lagos traffic and got there on time for their sample collection appointment.  

Buccal Samples were collected from John’s Father (alleged grandfather) and Mary’s son and sent to the lab for analyses. The Casework/Client Services Coordinator told them the result may take up to 3 weeks to be ready. “3 whole weeks!”, Mary asked, giving the Analyst a curious look. “Can’t we get the result sooner?” The LSD&FC staff explained that it is “quality first” at LSD&FC. All samples go through different stages of analyses and multi-level checks to ensure that results are accurate. Quality assurance and control processes cannot be compromised. A “false-positive” or “false-negative” result is unacceptable. Mary then exhaled and nodded up and down showing that she understands.

Two weeks later, less than the original 3 weeks promised, the lawyer gets a call from the center that the report was ready. He informed all the interested parties and asked them to meet him at the center.

They all arrived at the center and were eager to know the result. The Casework/Client Services Coordinator handed the report in a sealed envelope to the lawyer. He opened the envelope, pulled out the report and went straight to the part titled “conclusion” – This is the part of the report that indicates whether the alleged biological relationship existed or not. He read this aloud for all to hear.

“The alleged Grandfather is Excluded as the biological Grandfather of the child tested”.

That is John’s father is not the biological grandfather, meaning that John is not the father of Mary’s son.

Mary snatched the report from the Lawyer and screamed “It’s a lie, this is not possible”.

Nadine, John’s wife who had her hand on her jaw looks at Mary with a smirk on her face.

Mary kept saying “This is not possible”, while pacing.

After a while, she looks at the lawyer and says “Mr. Barrister, I don’t accept this report, after all it wasn’t John’s sample that was tested. How about if John was not the biological son of this man?”, pointing at John’s father. “Why didn’t we use John’s actual DNA?”

“How can you ask that question?”, the lawyer asked. “Are you not aware that John’s body was burnt?”.

At this point, Mary requested to speak with a DNA analyst. So, an analyst was invited.

Mary asked the analyst if DNA can be isolated from a burnt body. The Analyst said yes, it may be possible to isolate DNA from bone or other deep tissue that was not affected by the fire.

Mary then told everyone that she will not accept this DNA report because John’s DNA was not used for the test.  Does Mary have a scientifically valid point?

The problem of course is that John has been buried. This means an exhumation order, grave diggers, mortician, and pathologist, will be required to accomplish the test.

Dear reader, do you know that if John stored his DNA at LSD&FC while he was alive, his DNA would have been used, and there will be no exhumation.  

Oh yes, it’s possible to have your DNA profiled, and the leftover DNA stored in GenPlates while alive. The stored DNA/report can be used in the future to establish any claimed biological relationship. It is cheaper and faster to use stored DNA rather than DNA from an exhumed body for a biological relationship test.  

So, what happens now that the Grand parentage test has been rejected by Mary?

Where does Mary go from here?

What will the Lawyer do?

We will find out in the next DNAnews.

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