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Alante is an important town in Africa. It is known for its vibrant people, and its fertile soil which bore the most nutritious crops, fruits and vegetables. The rains came when it was its time and so did the sun.

Their king, King Laku was married to his beautiful queen, Manee, who honored him as her husband and king. While everything seemed to be going well in the land, one thing remained a problem and this was that the queen couldn’t bear her husband a child.

The king smiled during the day, but was up at night thinking about how he didn’t have an heir. His wife, who always got in her feelings at the sight of any child, continued to hope that one day she too would carry a child she could call her own.

On one of those nights when he couldn’t sleep, the king heard a sound just by his window. He looked through the window and saw that it was one of the palace maids tidying the courtyard prior to retiring to the maids quarters. A few days later, the same maid served the queen and the king the evening meal in the palace. He looked at her longer than normal this time, remembering that it was the same maid he saw in the courtyard. When they were done eating and the queen was ready to go to bed. The king asked his queen to go ahead that he would join her soon, knowing that the maid will return to clear the dishes.

When the maid came back to clear the dishes, she was surprised to see the King still in the dining room. She asked “My King, is there anything else you need”? He said no and then he pointed to the chair just beside him and asked her to sit. Though fidgeting, she sat. She wondered why the king would ask a “maid” like her to have a seat beside him. The confused look on her face was a clear indication that she didn’t know what next to expect, but a part of her told her she will be okay because if she had done anything wrong, the king will scold her or ask his assistants to discipline her not ask her to sit down beside him.

The king asked, “What’s your name” ? She answered “Nwe, my king.”

He said to her, “Nwe, as you know, I am strong, powerful and the leader of Alante, but do you know that even the strong can be unhappy? I never thought I would be a king without an heir. I never thought I would have to worry about what happens to my throne when I’m gone. Where did I ever miss it? Where did I go wrong?”

Nwe was sad seeing King Laku in such an unhappy state. All she could do was offer words of consolation. “My king, you have done nothing wrong. Soon, the queen will carry your child, your heir”, she said.

He raised his head as he stared deeply into her eyes and asked, “Can you take this burden off me Nwe? I have been waiting for years. Can you have a child with me”? Nwe was so shocked and scared to hear this. “Me? Why me? What will my parents, the queen and community think of me?”, she thought.

While Nwe tried to fully grasp what the king had just said to her and the potential consequences, the king went on to say, “I do not want to die childless Nwe, please grant your king this wish and I promise to take care of you and make sure nothing happens to you and the child”.

Dear reader did Nwe accept the king’s request?

You’ll find out in our next DNANews if King Laku has found a solution to his predicament.

Till then, do not hesitate to reach out to us on 08147411921 or email us at info@lsdfc.org with questions and for your DNA testing needs.

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