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Beyond Paternity Part 2

Dear Reader,

Remember, King Laku’s wife hasn’t been able to bear a child for him and so he has resorted to turning to a palace maid for help.

The palace maid, Nwe, who he begged to have a child for him hesitantly agreed and that night, they got together.

The following morning, Nwe served the King and his wife, Manee, as she normally would. But later that night she rendezvoused again with the King after the Queen had retired to the bedroom to sleep. This was now happening almost every night and sometimes the King would walk over to Nwe’s room to spend time with her. By the second week, the King started maintaining prolonged eye contact with Nwe when she is serving, even in the Queen’s presence, and he would continue looking at her even when she wasn’t looking.

Of course, the Queen started noticing the change, but initially didn’t say anything. She couldn’t take it anymore after she noticed that Nwe was getting bolder. Queen Manee noticed that “Nwe, who previously couldn’t even raise her head to serve food, was now staring into the eyes of the King without fear?”.

On a cool evening, after Nwe served the King and Queen dinner, she cleared the plates and retired to the maid’s quarters. This time, the Queen stayed back in the sitting room until the King lost the waiting game and retired to the bedroom first. She then went over to Nwe’s room at the maid’s quarters to make sure the King would not hear them talking.

After hearing a knock, Nwe opened her door expecting the King and was shocked to find the Queen standing there. The Queen entered without hesitating. Nwe was scared and shaking, a part of her felt that this visit must be because of her affair with the King.

Manee looked at her and said, “Nwe, sit down”.

Nwe sat down at the edge of her bed far away from the Queen as though she expected that she was going to be attacked. The Queen said, “Nwe, I wasn’t born yesterday, I see the change in you, and I have noticed the way the King looks at you. I would be a fool to think nothing has happened between you two”. Nwe wanted to say something, but the Queen cut her off immediately. “Nwe, you don’t have to say anything, and I would act like nothing happened, if you pack your things and leave my house immediately. I do not want to see you again after tonight. Do not try to make any contact and do not come near the palace again.”

Dear reader, this happened just 3 weeks after the King started sleeping with Nwe. She could now be pregnant. What if she is pregnant? How would she take care of the baby on her own? What will she tell her family? What will people say when she can’t name the man responsible for the pregnancy? Leaving the palace now would mean that the King would not even know if she was pregnant. What will the King think of her? Will he send guards to look for her? These are some of the thoughts that crossed Nwe’s mind as the Queen asked her to leave.

She didn’t have the luxury of choices so the only choice left was to pack her things and leave the palace, just as the Queen instructed.

Nwe left the next day, before dawn to go to her maternal grandmother’s house. It was hard to leave without saying goodbye to the King.

Was she pregnant?
Would she have the baby?
How would the King feel, and what will he do when he finds out that Nwe has vanished?

We will find out in the next DNAnews,but till then stay energized dear reader.

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