Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

The goal of the CSI team is to aid and assist law enforcement in the investigation of crimes.  The CSI Team will advise the requesting agency of methods to secure the crime scene; to document the scene with photography, video, and diagrams; to ensure the appropriate collection, identification, handling and packaging of forensic evidence found at a scene; and to perform specialized examinations that aid in reconstructing and resolving the criminal investigation.

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Forensic Serology, DNA Analysis & Paternity Test

The Forensic Serology laboratory examines biological materials for the presence of blood, Semen and other body fluids.  The Forensic DNA laboratory utilizes methods to identify individuals by characteristics within their Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA).  DNA is a blueprint for the genetic instructions that make-up a human being. DNA is found in every cell of the body, with the exception of red blood cells.  LSD&FC targets and makes copies of unique regions of the DNA, also known as Short Tandem Repeats (STRs). Our team of experts isolate DNA from a number of evidentiary items (Bone, Tooth, Hair Roots, Evidence stains, etc.) and compare those profiles to known reference samples (blood and buccal swabs) to determine if a genetic match exists. DNA analysis can be used to identify relationships e.g. paternity and maternity, and in the identification of victims after a disaster. At this time, relationship tests, e.g. paternity and sibship tests represent a major activity at LSD&FC. To take advantage of our paternity and other relationship tests please call (0705-393-9366) to make an appointment. No walk-in is permitted for paternity tests. For paternity test please come to LSD&FC on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, between 10AM to 4PM. The lab is closed weekends and on public holidays.

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Lagos State DNA Database

LSD&FC is establishing a Lagos State DNA Database (LSDD) that can be used in forensics and human identification. Through the use of DNA analysis and computer technology, the LSD&FC laboratory is developing a database of DNA profiles relevant to Nigeria and the African sub-region. This database can be used for forensics and in human identification.  DNA profiles obtained during the analysis of evidence from criminal matters and from samples from known individuals are maintained in the LSDD.  The LSDD is an extremely powerful investigative tool which through DNA profile comparison can be used to solve crimes, identify the victims of crimes, link crimes to one another and identify serial offenders.

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