Unfavourable Paternity Results

Dear Reader,

I have a question for you.

What do you do if the alleged father or mother questions the accuracy or validity of a DNA result you issued? Can the paternity DNA result you issue be questioned? The answer is Yes.

Remember that if a child’s paternity is in question, it is more likely that the alleged father of the child has reasons to doubt the paternity of that child. Most times the mothers don’t question the paternity of the child they call their own.

You would agree with me that this will be a “not so pleasant” situation for both alleged father and mother. Since DNA testing can help answer such a question, it is our duty, to help answer the question without getting caught in the crossfire.

So as the bridge between their paternity question and the answer, you might encounter situations where a DNA report makes one party unhappy, and as a result the unhappy party will start questioning you about the accuracy of the test.

If this ever happens, don’t panic, stay calm. CTS will never change the result for any reason or compromise her very high standards because we have no reason to alter any report to favour any party and altering results to create a “false positive” or “false negative” outcome can have very serious and life changing implications, or even death in extreme cases. All you have to do is reach out to us and we will be more than happy to speak professionally to the client and help them understand that science cannot lie and we have no benefit to alter the report.

Remember, whether or not a DNA paternity report is what is expected or not, things will not be the same again for the parties involved. So we don’t take sides, we just provide an honest answer to any question that DNA can answer.

Till next week dear reader, stay energized.