Paternity Fraud or Not – A True Story

Last week, we talked about how “Paternity” is the first thing that comes to mind when the word “DNA Testing” is mentioned right? This week we will be talking about another issue of concern based on a true-life story.

There was a couple that had been married for years. Their marriage was going well until they visited the hospital for a genotype test to be conducted for their daughter. They got the shock of their life when the result came out and their precious daughter had the genotype SS. It was shocking because the Husband was AA and Wife who was supposedly her mother was AS. I would explain further but you already know that this is not biologically possible. Picture it;
(AA X AS) = SS. This just couldn’t be.

They visited several facilities to check the genotype of all three of them (Father, Mother and Child), but they kept getting the same result. They even took it a step further by taking a paternity test. Your guess is as good as mine because the husband was not the father. He was left with no choice than to suspect that his wife must have had an affair with someone with the genotype AS or SS. She swore on her late mother’s grave that she had never cheated and that she was just as confused as her husband.

One day this woman who was already devastated because her marriage was at the brink of collapse paid her best friend a visit. She couldn’t stop crying. Thankfully her best friend was a DNA Analyst and she advised her to do a maternity test. This was her only chance to prove she was innocent. She went in for the maternity test and it turned out she wasn’t the mother. This only meant one thing which was that she was given another person’s baby when she gave birth.

A big crime or negligence occurred at the hospital, but she was VINDICATED. There have been cases of paternity fraud, but there have also been cases of deliberate or inadvertent baby switching especially at birth. This is both ugly and sad, but it has happened and is still happening to innocent couples who just want kids they can call their own.

The good thing is DNA Testing takes no sides. It only amplifies what already is. Fortunately, we have helped to shine the light on situations that might seem as puzzles, such as this one, which is why we stand out.

If you encounter this type of situation or any other DNA related issue, be sure that we will be more than happy to help and we are just one call away.

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