Is DNA that reliable?

*You already know that DNA testing has proved to be a solution for human identification in many situations *

*In Crime Scene Investigation – to link suspects to crime scenes and exonerate the innocent *

In medicine – to test an individual’s predisposition to a disease, disease prognosis and enable precision medicine

In ancestry – to understand your family lineage

In Forensics – to resolve criminal cases by identifying “who” committed the crime even when there was no eye witness

These are sensitive and extremely serious areas. We offer DNA tests to ascertain specific facts; hence the result must be accurate. If you rule out the reliability and accuracy, it’s safe to say there’s no reason to do the test.

Now to the question
Is a DNA Test reliable ?

DNA testing in itself is reliable but samples don’t analyze themselves and so even though the test is reliable, the humans involved in running the test from the collection of sample to the analysis can make mistakes and equipment can malfunction.

Working with LSD&FC, we do not make mistakes, not because we are not humans but because we have standards and quality assurance and quality control processes in place that guards against mistakes, and if mistakes occur the systems in place will detect it and a corrective action will be implemented. Our process starts from the very beginning, when samples are collected and continues to the point when results are issued. There are multiple levels of checks and verifications because we know that a “false positive” or a “false negative” result can have a devastating and life changing effect on a family. That is how much of a big deal DNA testing is to us because we understand that there are grave implications for releasing an inaccurate test result

So Is DNA testing reliable?

*YES, DNA testing is reliable.
Tests performed by the Lagos State DNA & Forensic Center are reliable and results can be trusted.*

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