Does Nigeria Have A Forensic Database? Find Out

Not only can Forensic DNA analysis help families of victims find closure, it has proven time and time again to be extremely helpful in cases of sexual assault. How does this happen? Trained Investigators will look for DNA evidence at locations relevant to the case. Evidence can also be collected from the body and clothes of the person who survived the assault.

When this evidence is collected, it is sent to a lab and the DNA extracted will be analyzed, profiled, and then compared to the DNA of suspect(s). If the suspect is unknown, it is compared to a larger data base e.g., CODIS (the Combined DNA Index System) which is used by the FBI in the United States.

The Incredible power of DNA technology as an identification tool cannot be overemphasized and many countries around the world operate forensic DNA databases which has helped to link DNA recovered from crime scenes to the perpetrators of the crime.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is behind in this conversation as there is no comprehensive forensic DNA database. If we must avert miscarriages of justice, solve more crime puzzles (sexual assault, murder etc) and exonerate the innocent, then we need to embrace the forensic investigative method of solving crimes of which DNA is a critical component. We know this because we have investigated over 150 crime scenes and helped solved several crime puzzles.

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