Disasters are really sad occurrences that sometimes result in loss of lives and properties. It’s even worse when victims of such disasters can’t be recognized . In cases like this the surest way to establish relationship between the bodies and supposed family members whether or not the bodies can be identified is through DNA analysis.

*It’s extremely sad to say unexpected goodbyes to loved ones in the event of death, thankfully forensic identification has helped families find closure in unforeseen situations . *

*Take for instance the June 2018 incident, where a tanker fully loaded with petrol exploded on the Otedola Bridge at the Lagos end of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. A total of nine bodies were recovered. *

Victim samples from the incident were picked up by LSD&FC staff from the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) Forensic Pathologist, under stringent chain of custody and reference samples i.e samples of family members of the victims were collected as well, and based on the forensic DNA analysis performed at LSD&FC, bodies were matched and handed over to their rightful families for the necessary burial arrangements.

This was the first time unidentified victims of a Nigerian mass disaster was successfully identified locally using DNA technology.

DNA analysis might not bring back the dead but it is safe to say that it sure brings closure to cases.

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